Sunday, February 8, 2009


P1490581My name is Jas, and I owe all of my addictions to the influence of the men in my life.

My Dad loved gadgets and photography.  It was in a darkroom located in the corner of our garage that I watched the magic of processing an image, and was hooked.

My Dear Professor pulled me kicking and screaming into the early world of home computing in the 80's.  (I think he regrets that now.)  I am a full fledged, out of the closet, computer nerd. 

But my greatest love beyond My Dear Professor, our children and the Sprittles(the most beautiful grandchildren in North Carolina!) is Jesus Christ.

His word holds my world together, His light lights my path, His love and grace are truly amazing.   (And, believe me, I've needed plenty of it!)

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