Thursday, May 7, 2009

To Bee or not to Bee

There were honeybees at Iron Acres for a few years. Harvesting the honey was a messy, sticky business, but pulling a newly capped frame of honey from the hive was an incredibly satisfying experience. I've actually been thinking of trying again, now that the honeybees are in need of friends.

Last Sunday was a sunny day that had followed some spring rains. The apple blossoms were glorious. Prime time for swarming. We were gone most of the day. That night I discovered a honeybee buzzing around in our den. I gently escorted him out into the night, and wondered how he had gotten into the house.

The next morning I opened the blinds and discovered the carnage. There were a few survivors, still buzzing. They were tenderly gathered up and deposited outside under the apple tree.


I was heartsick. They must have swarmed on Sunday and landed temporarily near the window. Some adventurous souls found a crack that led into the den. Son 2 and I searched high (in the chimney) and low (in the coal room under the den), but found no evidence of a swarm inside. They must have moved on.

Perhaps I need to dust off my beekeeping equipment and settle in a hive or two.

Tete a tete

"I told you we took the wrong turn at Albuquerque."