Saturday, April 18, 2009

Peace, man

young gbsMy Dear Professor and I were commenting last night on the difference in our upbringing.  He was reared in a small south Texas town (population 300), and realized at a young age that his future lay elsewhere.  Thus began his journey from Agua Dulce to the University of Texas, then on to the bright lights of the big city where we met (Houston).

I was reared in that big city.  I grew up with the town.  Never in a million years would I have guessed that my future was anywhere but Houston.  (Or anywhere north of the Mason Dixon line for that matter.)

cowgirlThe curious thing is, we both now find ourselves in a small town and loving every minute of it.  In fact, we have another small Texas town in mind for our retirement when we finally leave the Frozen North to return to our homeland.  (For the uninformed, all Texans see themselves as Texans first, US citizens second.  It has to do with our great state once being a republic.)

As I have said before, we both love the quiet and simplicity of rural living (skunks, mice, wasps, septic tank, water well, and eccentric neighbors attempting spousal murder by washing machine aside.)

Either that, or we are both late blooming closet hippies.

Peace, man.