Thursday, July 30, 2009


When do you REALLY know boredom has set in? When your wonderful, college educated, brilliant daughter, sitting across the room from you, engages you in a conversation on Facebook that goes something like this:

Principessa--hello, Mommo
Mommo--you silly
Principessa--whatcha doin'?
Mommo--back AWAY from the ip[h]one

Hey, I was typing on a strange computer and very irritated that she was making fun of me TECHNOLOGICALLY.

It's bad enough when your adult children reach the age that they see you in the same category as dinosaurs, it's even WORSE when they use the internet to prove their point.

All I can say is, be nice Principessa, or we boomers will overrun Facebook with pictures of us in monokinis and thongs. THEN you'll be sorry!

(note--Mommo is the name by which I am known to my precious Sprittles who wouldn't even think of casting aspersions on my person. At least not for another 5 years.)