Monday, May 25, 2009


Martha Stewart I ain't, but here are some entertaining sites to ponder on your day off. You do have today off, don't you?

Still trying to make up your mind what to cook today? Mosey on over to homesick texan for a mouthwatering ribs recipe (and some sides to boot!)

Mental Floss has a great round up of weird news for the week.

Just when I thought the internet couldn't get any weirder, Lifehacker came up with a website that gives you tips on when to "go" during a long movie.

This one is for owners of pampered, size challenged, furry friends. What they do to Cheekywawas is just criminal, but wickedly amusing. (Sorry Spike.)

I would die before allowing someone to point their camera at my refrigerator. But some people are proud of theirs. Go here to see the pictures. (warning, not for the squeamish)

After the refrigerators, it might be time to clear both your palate and your nose. For a truly lovely contrast, try this site.

Oops, gotta go put on the burgers. Have a great holiday!

(play us off, keyboard cat)