Monday, February 9, 2009


Music has always been an important part of my life. It began in the womb - Mother told me she felt me kick each time the organ played in church!

This will be a changing video "jukebox" of music that has touched my heart and made me kick, laugh, cry, and worship. I hope it will be meaningful to you as well.

"Never Been Unloved",  Michael W Smith

"Come to Jesus", Chris Rice

"Abide With Me", Hayley Westenra

Dance Your Shoes Off! ("Rise Up", Lauren Camey)

"Asleep in the Light", Keith Green
Sadly, as true today as it was 33 years ago.

"Everything (holding Nothing Back)", Tim Hughes
Through tears silently falling, returning from my father's funeral and the dissolution of our family home, I prayed this song.

"Great is Your Love", Breakaway

Kari Jobe, "Revelation Song"
You are my everything, and I will adore You.

Phil Wickham, "Cielo"
I can't bow low enough at the vision of You, my God.

Steele Croswhite, "Your Love Remains"
This song found me, on a post from a fellow member of Ann Voskamp's Gratitude Community. I can't get the images and words out of my head. And I don't want to. They remain, along with His love.

"All Creation Worships You"

Fernando Ortega "Sing to Jesus"

Fernando Ortega "Give Me Jesus"
Ruth Bell Graham Tribute
What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful life.

Selah "Wonderful, Merciful Savior"
"Who would have thought that a Lamb could rescue the souls of man?"

Steven Curtis Chapman & Chris Tomlin
"We Fall Down"

Darlene Zschech & Hillsong "I will Run to You"
I have spent a good deal of my journey running away from Him, seeking distraction in the hard times. I pray that will change as He changes my heart and makes me capable of loving Him more dearly.

Hillsong "Worthy is the Lamb"
The Darling of heaven crucified, worthy is the Lamb.

Keith Green "There is a Redeemer"
My favorite name for Jesus is Redeemer, and I look forward to one day standing in glory with others that have gone before,together praising our King forever in that holy place.

Rich Mullins "Sing Your Praise to the Lord"

Matt Maher "Christ is Risen from the Grave"
Easter 2010 I found myself discouraged and empty, numb. And then, that afternoon our Principessa called and said I should listen to this song. While doing so, Christ called me out of my "tomb" to stand in the light. Such sadness and triumph woven into one song. "Our God is not dead, He's alive, He's ALIVE!"

Michael W Smith "Agnus Dei"
What a privilege it was to direct our former church choir in praise one Christmas with this song. It is so easy to enter into His presence when we praise.

Michael W Smith "Everywhere I Go"
I have always loved this song. My camera has helped me see in new ways how true this is. But even more, going through the wearing down of dealing with a chronic, undiagnosed health issue has helped me understand that even in this, I can see Him if I stop to look.

Michael Card "My Shepherd"
I long for that "home place".

Selah "Glory"

Love Song "And the Wind Was Low"
The first Christian contemporary music concert I attended was Love Song back in the early '70s. They were a bunch of hippies who found Jesus. My singing group performed a lot of their songs as well as ones we wrote ourselves. I will never forget singing this one at sunset on the Gulf of Mexico.

About Iron Acres

Once upon a time a big city Texas girl moved to the coal country of western PA with her Dear Professor, ALL his books, & their three children (Son 1 The Preacher, Principessa, and Son 2 The Dreamer).

Her romantic delusions about a bucolic life were tested by the harsh realities of strip mining, high acid/iron water, septic tanks & an endless array of critters--
honeybees, horses, barn cats, guineas, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, llamas, & the ever faithful freecycle dog Misty.

The children grew & ventured out into the world, leaving the big city Texas girl, her Dear Professor, & ALL his books to ponder life . . . where red water & green grass yielded a life colorful & complex.

Iron Acres


iron acres then

And then. . . 20 years later, in the summer of 2011, her Dear Professor retired.  The house in the coal country was put up for sale, ALMOST all of the books were packed (3,000+ volumes were left behind!), and the big city Texas girl and her Dear Professor moved back to their home state of Texas and into a tiny home in the wilds of Washington County.


the bar j now

Although the geography has changed, the experiences remain the same.  Snow has been traded for drought dust, blue Spruce for Live Oak and Cedar, but the "quiet" country life is still a reality. 

Or is it?


Genesis 1:6-7 The waters above the earth ebb and flow like the ocean!

El Cielo de Canarias / Canary sky - Tenerife from Daniel López on Vimeo.

 Creation Calls, Brian Doerksen

Living Fully Awake, Ann Voskamp

"God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars." Martin Luther


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