Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear Mom,

mom hat copy
(My Mother with her first baby--me! Aren't I an adorable chub, I mean, cherub?)

I think of you every time I see this picture of a gardenia from my baby sister's garden. You must be very proud of all that she has accomplished. I know I am.


I remember Dad giving you a gardenia corsage to wear on special Sundays. They are beautiful and delicate flowers, with a strong a sweet fragrance. I think they were your favorite because they were so much like you.

I miss you very much. You weren't only my Mom, you were my best friend, too. I have experienced something of that with my own daughter. I just wish we lived closer together so we could get into more trouble!

You haven't met her yet, but we have a second daughter now. She is the Beautiful Mommy of our precious Sprittles. And she is as sweet as she is beautiful. She helps your first grandchild remember his sense of humor.


Yes, you have three wonderful great grandchildren. Dad must have shown the pictures to you when he got to Heaven.


Of course, that would have been after he explained the whole girlfriend thing to you. I have a feeling that after you left this life you really didn't mind that he found a good friend to help him cope with the loneliness.

Oh dear. I feel like I'm having a celluloid flashback to "Broadway Melody of 1938."
I'd better close now before I start singing "Dear Mr Gable" in my best Judy Garland impersonation. You did love the movies.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you.