Friday, May 29, 2009

Driving, Miss, Daisy (for iPodite)

Coming home from the airport I almost missed them. There they were, pristine white, standing tall in the middle of the highway divider. I couldn't resist. So I pulled over on the shoulder, and climbed out of my truck. (I'm a closet redneck, remember? I drive a truck.)

P1230930 copy

I know I must have looked like a crazy lady, clicking away with my camera. But they were just begging to have their picture taken.


So, I happily obliged. All were patient as I searched for just the right camera angle to showcase the white petals against the green background.

P1230900 copy

Of course, I had to try a skyward shot. I had a passing fear that I resembled a reality version of those plywood cutouts of ladies bending over with their pantaloons showing. Oh, you don't see those yard ornaments where you live? Lucky you!


I had fun, and I think they did, too. I could almost hear them chuckling in unison as I turned to go. I looked back over my shoulder and actually caught one in the act!

daisy doodle

(dedicated to my baby sister, iPodite, with whom I share a love for movies, Blue Bell Ice Cream, and Daisies.)