Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cool Green Joy

After a month in Texas, I forgot how green and cool Pennsylvania can be in the summer. This morning I took my camera for an explore and this is what we found.

One tiny, battered butterfly/moth eating breakfast from a clover blossom. This picture is much larger than the little winged creature was in person.

mini butterfly 2

The bumbly bees preferred chicory blossoms. They must have been looking for a coffee fix and found this alternative.


Queen Anne's lace was everywhere. Everywhere. I love its various stages. First are the whorls of tightly closed pink and white....


...followed by the beautiful snowflake like blooms. I want to cut and dry some to place on our Christmas tree this year.


But I think my favorite was this daisy, hugging the ground and underneath a group of Queen Anne's Lace. I remember my delight when I found them blooming in a highway median this Spring. I didn't realize they continued to spread their joy all through the summer.

daisy 2