Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All my life

I have given thanks all my life. . . before meals.  It was a habit drilled into me by my parents.  I'm learning to give thanks in all my life. In each ordinary moment.  Because in that ordinary moment is the opportunity to feel God's grace.

The opportunity to know His presence all around me.  All around everyone. . .  and everything.

The opportunity to be still enough to feel His loving caress. . .

in the warmth of a sunrise,


the coolness of rain,



the delicate fragrance of the dog rose,


the shy beauty of lily of the valley,


the happy face of oxeye,


the glory of a blooming rhododendron,


the magnificence of sunset.

Pennsylvania sunset

Counting thanks with the Community of Gratitude in
309.  the smell of rain
310.  the first splatters against the window
311.  a sudden cool breeze
312.  the rumble of thunder
313.  the flash of lightning
314.  the whistle of wind through the screen
315.  the whir of a ceiling fan on a sultry summer day
316.  sunrise
317.  sunset
318.  the fragrance of dog roses
319.  the sight of clumps of white peppering idle fields
320. the shy lily of the valley bowing their heads
321.  the morning quiet of a household still slumbering
322.  the time to sit and listen
323.  the solo song of a nearby bird