Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I love Texas Sunsets

I love Texas sunsets. That's not surprising. I love almost everything Texas. One of the exceptions would be the heat. Have I told you it's hot down here?

I love this reflection of the sunset I caught on the window to the well house a few days ago. The well house is a simple little shed that contains the pressure tank and electricity for the well pump. The water in our part of Texas is hard and "minerally" but not as "irony" as Iron Acres.

(looks like someone needs to paint their well house!)

Principessa and I drove to a nearby lake last week just before sunset. I love big bodies of water and how the sun reflects on them.

sunset som4

Last night, my Dear Professor and I sat outside and watched the sun go down together. I have mixed feelings about that time of day. The quiet and coolness is wonderful, but it also carries questions about the hours past. Were they lived well?


I love Texas sunsets. And I love sharing them with my Dear Professor even more.


And with you.