Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Texas Survivor

During our second week in Texas, while staying with Principessa in San Antonio, there was a weather advisory that anyone over fifty stay inside because of the extreme heat. Several days later we left Bexar County and travelled to a little place in the country near Washington County. It is hotter here than it was for the San Antonio weather advisory.

Being 60something and a decade over the weather advisory age, my Dear Professor and I have applied ourselves toward writing a Texas heat survival manual for the, ahem, over fifty crowd. This is a list of the bare essentials.

First, one should have a hat with a brim large enough to shade the eyes. A Texas flag bandana to accessorize is an optional addition.

tx surv hat

Next, and extremely important, is water. I learned this summer from Principessa that a slight headache can be a symptom of dehydration. Needless to say, a water bottle has been my constant companion since that conversation. (A personal fan is a good option for those days you want to dash from the airconditioned house to the airconditioned car without needing another shower.)

tx surv water fan
You will find, to your surprise, that your new best friends are shade,

tx surv shade

ceiling fans,

tx surv fan

and a bandana.

tx surv ban

Finally, in addition to being able to identify the four poisonous snakes (copperheads,cotttonmouths, corals, and rattlesnakes)native to Texas, be on the lookout for these little gems. They may be small, but grass burrs are very painful to bare feet.

tx surv burr

Just as long as you stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay away from snakes and grass burrs, you will find your stay in Texas to be delightful.