Friday, April 24, 2009

What is it about Flamingoes?

Name a bird that is at once awkward, funny, elegant, colorful, much aligned, associated with kitsch, and a minor character in Alice in Wonderland.

I'll give you a few to reflect. (cue waiting music from "Jeopardy")

Time's up! Did the post title give you a clue? That's right! I'm talking 'bout flamingoes. (flamingos? flamingi? flamingouses?)

Our best side

Why did the lawn ornament people single out the flamingo? And what is it about Florida that makes us associate them with that particular state? Why not armadilloes (armadillos, armadilli, armadilouses?) Or hippopotamuses (hippopatamus, hippopotami, hippopotamouses?).

All I know is I'd rather see a faded plastic flamingo on someone's front lawn than one of those wooden cutouts of a fluffy lady bending over and flashing her bloomers.

Have a wonderful weekend.