Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Dreamer

It was a dark and stormy night.  Well, not really.  It was actually a pretty nice summer day in central New York, 25 years ago, when our baby, Son #2 The Dreamer, and our lone little yankee, was born in a nice, modern, but not air conditioned hospital.  (It was the first June this pregnant momma had lived through sans air conditioning, so of course that fact was memorable!)  

The Dreamer was one of life's little surprises.  We thought our family was complete with Son #1 The Preacher and Principessa, but God had other plans.

And we are so glad He did.

We had moved to New York from the promised land (Texas) only 10 months earlier for my Dear Professor to attend graduate school.  I had joked, after getting over the shock of this pregnancy, that I would bring a small bag of the promised land with me to the hospital so that The Dreamer could be "born on Texas soil", but it was left behind in the rush to delivery.  I read a few months later about another Texan in the area who had done that very thing.  We Texans are a bit peculiar that way. (All right, we are a bit peculiar in a lot of other ways, too.)

MeMom, Dear Professor's mother,  had travelled up from Texas to help out in the first week or so of The Dreamer's arrival. She almost started a riot at the hospital as she loudly lamented, while visiting the new babies, how we could move up here and have a baby in the midst of "all these yankees."  (The Civil War may be gone, but below the Mason Dixon line, it will never be forgotten!)


(Before the infamous collision with the teeter totter that cost The Dreamer his two front teeth)

The Dreamer has always been interested in music,

and we were overwhelmed by his comedic talent from an early age. He had an entire routine (a la Jonathan Winters via Bugs Bunny with a touch of Robin Williams) with which he regaled us one afternoon, using a little plastic tool box filled with various toys.

He was only 4 years old.

(After the infamous collision with the teeter totter.)

His first grade teacher confirmed his ability to keep her and the class entertained, and of course there was that joke from his Uncle Bern .


My most difficult moment with The Dreamer was when he announced his intended solo drive from PA to CA. But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, and so shortly after taking this picture, I hugged him and wished him well. He returned a few months later with tales to tell, but safe and sound. The Dreamer has been other places as well, Haiti, France, but always returns home.

And we are so grateful he does. Perhaps he should be named The Explorer?

The Dreamer has many other talents beside music and humor (and a gift for nicknames that predates the character of Sawyer on the tv show Lost), but the most surprising has been the discovery of his abilities as a child whisperer. His nephews and niece adore him. I think someday, when he has satisfied his desire to wander, The Dreamer will be a wonderful dad.

And so, our dear baby, our thoughtful man, we wish you a day full of fun and Dairy Queen cake. You have filled your parents with wonder, awe, and at times, panic, but our lives would have been empty without you.  

We love you, Dreamer, and wish you a wonderful 25th birthday. May your best dreams come true.