Friday, July 10, 2009

The Stage is Yours!

"Just paint my door red and call me Elizabeth Arden"

That line from Steel Magnolias brings to mind two important women in my life--my Mom and my baby sister, iPodite.

rodeo girls copy
(iPodite and me at the rodeo. I don't have many photos of us together as children, probably because we figured sharing a room was traumatic enough not to warrant significant hang time.)

iPodite and I just realized while watching a commercial the other day that she was the first to graduate from college, even though I'm four years older.  (I was a college dropout.  My Dear Professor sent me back to finish my degree after we married.)

I am so proud of her! (Even though giving up the solo limelight I had enjoyed as an only child for several years before she came along was very difficult.)

iPodite is a techno goddess.  She was also the first in the family to get an iPod.  Hence her nickname.  Her favorite color is opposite on the color wheel from mine.  Does that tell you something about our relationship?  Take a close look at the pictures and see if you can guess what her color is.

I just spent 3 days with her here in Texas, and it was so hot (how hot is it?), it was so hot one of her clocks melted right off the wall.  Yesiree bobtail!  I have the picture to prove it.  See?


OK, so it didn't exactly melt off the wall, but it was sure hot enough! iPodite is a curious blend of things soft, fuzzy and whimsical like Winnie the Pooh, Paddington Bear, the Velveteen Rabbit,


things geeky (this was probably for someone at work as iPodite is so not a tech dummy),


things remembered (doesn't every boomer have a pair of bronzed baby shoes from the 50s?),


things beautiful, (iPodite loves some Tiffany like lamps)


and things furry (like Spike, her main squeeze.)


iPodite does love Spike. And Spike loves iPodite. I caught him gazing longingly at the back door, anxiously awaiting her arrival...


and his joy when she opened the door and then sat down to ask about his day with me.  He was kind.


Over the years, iPodite and I have had only a few things in common--our genetics and our love for old movies, and more recently our mutual admiration for a little brown Cheekywawa named Spike.

But there is something about the "dark" side of 40 50 60something that puts things into perspective.

Or maybe I just finally grew up. All I know is we have both marveled at the improved quality of our relationship. Of course, I suppose it also helps that I no longer slam doors on her toes or tie her to the tree while the rest of us go off and play cowboys and indians without her. 

Now it's fun to be together and recall childhood experiences. We made different observations growing up, so together we gain a new, more complete picture of our childhood.

iPodite, thank you for putting up with your older sister all those years. I know it was a chore, but someone had to to do it. And you did it well enough to make both Mom and Dad proud.  And Emily Post, too!


Oh, and Happy Birthday! Big Sister hugs to my Baby Sister!

The stage is yours!

(and if you haven't guessed, iPodite shares a favorite color with Elizabeth Arden!)