Monday, January 18, 2010

From the hidden...the edge...the tear...

In silence and solitude it waits. . .there in the dark, in the hidden.


Time is an endless burden that grows heavier.

Longing and despair meet. Nothing.

Then, almost imperceptibly, a small tearing along the edges.


Something that can wait no more pushes toward the light.

As it pushes, the tear grows. 


Color appears.  Then more waiting. 

The color grows, a form begins to take shape.


A glimpse of  what is to come.


The waiting is over.


Beauty emerges from the hidden...the dark... the longing... the despair...the edges...the tear.



With a full heart I offer my thanks to God for

54. the waiting alone in the dark      
55. the tearing along the edges
56. the painful pushing
57. the form that appears
58. the beauty that is revealed
59. the Christmas cactus that blooms in the dark of winter
60. contemplation
61. His strength in my weakness
62. unexpected gifts
63. unexpected joy
64.  hidden life
65.  simple things

holy experience