Saturday, February 27, 2010

First, an apology...then a celebration

After a long, exhausting day for both of us, my Dear Professor and I retired early.  So early, in fact, that we missed the stranded motorist who came calling for help.  I don't know when their car broke down in front of our field.  I only know that this morning at 7am, as my Dear Professor was leaving for a breakfast meeting, we found tracks in the knee deep snow, leading up to the front porch...


and this.


I approached the car to see if the driver was still there, but they were gone, leaving this note on the windshield for the state trooper.


And so, whomever you may be, we offer our profound apology, and hope you didn't have to go too far to find help.


Last weekend I drove down to North Carolina to celebrate Bee's 4th birthday and have some quality time with the Sprittles.  I was told by Beautiful Mommy that Bee took approximately 45 minutes to make up her mind on what theme the party would have.  She finally decided on a princess theme for the second year in a row.  While Beautiful Mommy and The Preacher were decorating and wrapping gifts, I kept the honoree and her attendants busy upstairs until the formal announcement that they could come down.

Can we come down yet?

Our Princess thoroughly enjoyed her bippity boppity boo birthday cake,


and the love and admiration of all present, including her big bro Boo.

brotherly love

Baby Blues enjoyed trying to get a hold of Mommo's camera.

P1640026 copy

After the festivities were over, we were treated to a fashion show.  Bee has a very sophisticated style as you can see in her choice of Land's End bathing suit, Dora the Explorer garden gloves, and Hawaiian flower sunglasses.


But my favorite part was directing her in a short film.

Grandchildren are the best!