Friday, September 4, 2009

Sunset on Sky Watch Friday

I don't remember seeing that many sunsets as a child.  I think I was probably too busy burning up the last inches of daylight with play.  I have more time now, more opportunity to watch the sun quench its golden blaze in the horizon.


In the last 18 years at Iron Acres, I've watched many a sunset from this window. Some are more spectacular than others. On this night, the sun's flames licked the side of our house, gazing at its own image in our windows as the clouds chased it down.


Caught in an act of vanity, like a self conscious child it tried to hide behind a tree. I had been standing in our field, so I turned back to watch the display on the window. Actually, I ran from the field toward the house to catch the sun before it escaped.


Perhaps I still am burning up the last few inches of daylight in play. Only this time out, it's hide and seek with the sun!

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