Thursday, July 2, 2009

Larger than life

Texans still claim bragging rights to the biggest state in the US. We've convinced ourselves that Alaska would be the size of Rhode Island if it melted. That means, if Al Gore is right and this global warming thing is a real threat, Rhode Island may shortly be defending its title as the smallest state. (You'll hafta let us know when that happens. It's perennially too hot in Texas to be able to feel any temperature change upward on the thermometer.)

That means that everything we do is larger than life. We fly humongous Texas flags everywhere. You can spot them miles down the road. I think Texans invented the concept of living large.

Principessa and I attended a movie the other day at the local cineplex. Can you guess what kind of theme the builders went for?


Yup. If this is Texas, there must be cowboy in it somewhere. The lobby included larger than life pictures of some of my childhood heroes--Gene Autry and of course, Roy Rogers and Trigger. I wonder if Dale was ever jealous of Roy's horse.

They carried the Lone Star State theme inside to the screening area. One lone star of significant proportion aesthetically placed on either side of each theatre.


Now, being the good Texas passport carrying Texans that we are, we couldn't just go see any old movie. It had to one of a scale befitting Texas. I won't tell you which movie it was out of fear of giving away the plot, but I will let you in on some of the action in the movie.

There was a hero,


a heroine,


some flashy vehicles,


some explosions and nasty villains,


and a magic something or other.


Oh, and a couple of important characters died. But I won't tell you who. Let's just say they are larger than life.

And, some would say, Texas.