Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Tale of Two States

It's time to move down that five favorite states list over on the right of your screen. I began a few days ago with that great state of Texas. Yee-haaaaaaa! Number two, for your consideration, is (drum roll, please) North Carolina.

North Carolina
and Texas have a lot in common. Their flags look, ahem, suspiciously similar as you can see. I found that out a few years ago when our eldest son married a beautiful North Carolina gal. Of course, the North Carolinians are a bit more, shall we say, subtle than Texans. Their state flag appears tastefully on appropriate road signs and documents. And, for the sake of truth in journalism, I must admit THEIR flag was designed several years before the Texas flag. (there, I said it.)

Those interested in geneaology recognize that a large number of North Carolinians immigrated to an infant republic named Texas in the 1800s. The Professor and I are both native Texans with North Carolina relations a few generations back. (that big NC contingent may explain the flag similarities.)

North Carolina does have a few things going for it. It is the birth place of our eldest son's beautiful, gracious, and wonderful wife. The climate is a pleasant median between the frozen north and the scorching south. They have a booming economy to prove it.

Two words: beaches and lighthouses. I LOVE the beach.

North Carolina and Texas cuisine share southern roots, but differ in their definition of barbecue: Texas is all about mesquite smoked beef brisket. (sorry, had to take a moment to wipe off my keyboard-- I'm drooling just thinking about it.) North Carolina has pulled pork. Now, I don't want to appear to be disrespectful of North Carolina barbecue, it's good and tender, but it is an acquired taste if you are more familiar with the Texas variety.

The most important distinction between Texas and North Carolina is (another drum roll, please) the SPRITTLES!! What are the sprittles? Some sort of local candy? A topping for ice cream? Well, sprittles are sweet all right, but no, they do not belong to a major food group. Sprittles are the loving nickname for our three gorgeous, precious, remarkable(I assure you I am being objective) grandchildren. The cutest grandchildren in the state of North Carolina.


And I'm leaving tomorrow to spend some quality time with them. Woo-hoo!