Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm Going On a Diet

I'm going on a diet. And it's all because of a blog.

Until yesterday I was perfectly happy with, uh, my physical proportion. Okay, maybe not perfectly happy. Maybe more "reconciled to".

And then I stumbled on this website.

I have seen(and enjoyed) a lot of food porn on the internet. Those are the places where they have such incredible recipes and pictures of food that you want to lick the screen. Places like Food Porn Daily, or Slashfood, or even this Flickr site.

These sites have been great for the rest of my family because they resurrected from the dead my desire to walk into the kitchen and prepare a meal for them.

This site was different. It made me want to run screaming from the computer and do 500 laps around the farm. Now, that's a considerable amount of motivating for a body that is genetically opposed to movement. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself. Just click here.

And don't say I didn't *shuder* warn you.

PS After much pulling of hair and editing of code I have FINALLY succeeded in getting that little comment thingy button to show up at the end of my posts. You now have a voice. Please use it! . . . With discretion. . . . And please be honest but kind. Remember the terror of seeing a mark in the "needs improvement" column on your report card under the "plays well with others" category? Have fun!