Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm a dropout, I think


Early in February of this year I joined Project365 on Flickr. It sounded easy enough, a daily journal entry of one photo per day. I could do that, I thought. It would help me become a better photographer, I thought. And I kept at it for 27 days.

And then the unthinkable happened.

her blog

I started a blog. I started a blog with pictures that chronicled my day. I became a better photographer. I started taking more pictures than Imelda Marcos could shake a shoe at. As I understood more about blogging, I created a second blog, just for pictures. And a third blog just for my thoughts on the deeper meaning of life. And a fourth blog for recipes.

It must have been somewhere in the midst of this post that it happened--I dropped out of Project365. At least that seems to be about the right time. I was so immersed in my four blogs, I forgot all about it.

Or did I?

I think that even though I didn't keep the letter of the law over at '365, I may have kept the spirit. I did take(and still am taking) pictures every day. Believe you me, I took pictures every day. Just ask my little hard drive that is doing its best to keep up. The '365 group allows you to play catch up. I could easily do that from my picture blog.

So, the question remains, am I a dropout, or not?

If you are interested in hopping into the action over at Project365, I don't think it's too late. You have over half a year to go!

(Thank you to Shutter Sisters for this post that made me stop and think about Project365 again.)

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