Monday, April 19, 2010

A dream of Texas in the Spring

Up here in the Frozen North, winter is a defiant child who refuses to go to bed. We had experienced a wonderful 2 weeks of spring weather and a glorious Easter profuse with blossom burdened flowering trees and bushes. And then. . .

weeping cherry and forsythia

Saturday I shivered as the cold rain drizzled, and pulled the covers over my eyes as the snow flurries appeared followed by tiny hailstones.

And then I dreamed. A dream of Texas in the Spring.


Yes, Texas heat in the height of summer can be as tough and unrelenting as the Rangers and cowboys who made the state famous, but in the Spring...

In the Spring we have mild, cool days and beautiful bluebonnets,

P1680705 copy

indian blanket, paintbrush,

P1680505 copy

winecups, primrose, prairie verbena.

P1680740 copy

All in unimaginable profusion.


And the perfume that hangs on the air IS the air. Each Spring, the beauty of the bluebonnets lifts its siren call to young and old, "come, rest, enjoy."

I smile thinking of Texas in the Spring and awake to the visitation of Jack Frost on the windshield, his icy calling card spread out on the lawns and fields. It will vanish with the rising of the noonday sun.

But in Texas, in Texas the bluebonnets fill every creature with awe.

P1680603 copy

Even the cows.