Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heartwarming Wednesday and a Question

I declare today to be Heartwarming Wednesday. (It is Wednesday, isn't it?)

If you are like me, and information challenged, then you may not have discovered this yet. If you already know about it, I'm sure you won't mind seeing it again.

It's the story of an underdog, an average 47 year old Scottish woman from a wee village who has a huge voice (the woman, not the village). A story of heart, determination, drama, surprise, good music, and something we can all identify with, the fairy tale of the ordinary proving extraordinary.

It also has a villain, Simon Cowell, but every good story needs a nasty villain. Although, in this case, even Simon's nastiness is tempered. Take a look here.

The cynics have said there was some staging going on--the panel was aware of what was to come (that has been denied in an interview), that a voice like that doesn't come out of nowhere. Well, if it was only good theatre, it is still something that touches our hearts in a deep place.

Did it touch you? Why? Let's talk about it.

(You can hear more music from Les Miserables here.)