Monday, May 10, 2010

The day after Mother's Day

 I can't tell you how long I've looked for it.  Everywhere I've gone I've wondered.  Could this be the day I find out?  How will I know?

I've taken test after test and each one is inconclusive--they always say something different.  But now, finally, I've found it for sure. 

And what is IT, you may ask?

My own peculiar gift.  My reason for being on this planet.  My life's mission.

And this is it.  Replacing the toilet paper roll. But how does one come to the conclusion that their life meaning is wrapped on a round tube of cardboard?

Well, there is a lot of reflection involved, and personality tests do help to some degree.  But ultimately, good old fashioned perspicuity helps.  A lot.  Pay attention to the little things you end up doing everywhere you go.  Sooner or later the sheer volume of repetition will turn on the old light bulb, figuratively speaking.  But then, replacing the light bulb just might be YOUR vocation.

I found mine by realizing no matter where I go, at work, at play, visiting the neigbors, at Walmart--I always end up replacing the toilet paper roll.  And so I bow to my cosmic assignment with humility.  It is my destiny.


Either that or the toilet paper fairies have it in for me.