Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Horsin' Around

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It was a warm sunny day in the neigh---borhood. My Dear Professor was enjoying a leisurely lunch, high in fiber, when I came running around the side of the barn, making an awful fuss.

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My Dear Professor mumbled a startled, "huh?" as I ran past.

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The garbage truck was lumbering down our road and we had forgotten to set out the recyclables.

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"Wa-hai-hai-hait" I cried, running as fast as my long legs could carry me.

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But the driver motored on, oblivious to my protestations. My Dear Professor, still not fully comprehending the recently transpired tragedy, inquired as to the cause of my consternation.

I sighed, "The recycle bin is overflowing and it will be another two weeks before they're back." I turned and walked slowly back to the house.

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"Oh." And with that My Dear Professor returned to his lunch.

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