Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rocky Mountain High, Colorado

Third on my list of favorite things (statewise) is Colorado. If you have never been to Colorado you need to go. Right now. And listen to John Denver on the way.

Colorado is Rocky Mountain vistas, the Garden of the Gods, the Gold Rush and John Denver. In short, all sorts of awesomeness. Well, I wouldn't really call John Denver awesome, but he did write some nice tunes about Colorado.


If I were banished from Texas for the rest of my life, with no hope of reprieve, I'd run to Colorado. Better make that drive.

Colorado has the best skies next to Texas (and France).

Colorado is summed up in two words, (three if you count the article "the") the Rocky Mountains.

I grew up in Houston, Texas where the highest point of elevation is the top of the highway overpass. Flat, flat, and more flat. Below sea level flat. One might speculate that deprivation is the most efficient way of producing appreciation.

I really appreciate the mountains.

Mountains give me a new perspective. Mountains are breathtaking, literally. (Try hiking in the Rockies for 15 minutes and get back to me, ok?)

Mountains are just about the only entity(besides God) that is bigger than Texas. (Alaska doesn't count because it is mostly frozen water. Ask any Texan.)

I love all three. Mountains, God, and Texas. And not necessarily in that order.

What do you love?

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