Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ipodite's Main Squeeze

My sister, iPodite, has a new man in her life. Actually, he's a little man. Actually, he's not really a man. He's a dog. But oh, what a cutie.

This is what he looked like last summer when the courtship began. He could literally sit in the palm of her hand. When he went outside, he was dwarfed by blades of newly mown grass.
Spike in a mist

And this is a recent head shot.
sp head shot

What a hunk. His name is Spike, and he is all Cheekywawa sweetness and cuteness.

spike frisbee

Spikey is a bit short of 13 inches tall, likes dog movies, playing with his squeaky turkey toy, and cuddling with iPodite. He is people friendly and housebroken.

spike bb 4

*Sigh* Isn't he a little studmuffin?

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

That bluebonnet shot is hilarious. At least he's not crying, like all the Texas children who get plunked down into itchy wildflowers for a photo op. This guy is really cute.