Monday, April 27, 2009

New Life

The old lilac trees behind the garage managed to make it through one more winter, although each one does a little more damage.  The branches are beginning to swell with promises of leaves, that means clusters of  fragrant flowers won't be too far behind.  I love lilacs.

But what is this?


A few days ago, Son 2 reported that he had noted a flurry of activity around one particular lilac tree.

robin and nest

That is one stoic robin.  I wonder why he didn't fly away.  Wait a minute, is that a. . .nest?


"I've got my eye on you.  Don't you dare come any closer!"
Oh, he's a family man.  And by his menacing looks, a really protective Dad.


I just love the color of robin's eggs.  They are so dainty and. . .blue.


Don't worry, Mr Robin.  I won't bother your babies. But can I chronicle your blessed event?