Monday, April 13, 2009

Some Beauty

I'm looking forward to the day when my times on the computer will no longer be accompanied by the sound of the furnace kicking on in the background. (Our thermostat is set at 60*F, to give you an idea of what the temp must be.)

The daffy down dillys (uh, that would be daffodils to normal people) and colt's foot have begun to bloom. But my heart is still back in Texas with the bluebonnets.

Let's take a poll. (please leave me a comment below). Which would you rather see, this?

bb wall

Or this?


Not sure? I'll give you some other options. How about this--

bb wall2

Or this---


(I'm beginning to feel like an optometrist fitting you for glasses!)

Whichever you decided upon, I hope your day today is filled with sunshine and warmth.

And some beauty.

bb school


Mary Lou Kemp said...

Please don't ask me to pick which ones I like best. Beautiful photos. The colors look wonderful together and the daffodil is my favorite flower in the spring.
Thanks for sharing these photos.
Mary Lou Kemp
Lancaster, PA

JAS said...

Thanks, Mary Lou.

Anonymous said...

Daffodils remind me of quiet, solitary strength. Bluebonnets remind me of the beauty of community. I love them both!

Jennifer said...

No way am I going to choose between these two beautiful flowers and photos! I think Mary Lou has a good idea -- how about a field of daffodils and bluebonnets planted together??

Anonymous said...

Being a Texas girl myself, I have to go with the bluebonnets, although the daffodils are beautiful.