Sunday, April 5, 2009

What Do You See?

I have written a lot about clouds and sky recently, and I must admit I was rather curious myself as to why. All I know is that when I walk outside, something in my brain says, "look up and pay attention." After sixtysomething years living with this brain which, by the way, is shared with a friend who shall remain anonymous (but they know who they are), I have learned that when it says pay attention, I should.

Anyway, here I was mindlessly looking for one thing when I stumbled upon a link to something else. (The title of this blog really should be "one thing leads to another.") Curious of the title "Cerulean Sanctum", I hit the link button. I couldn't help myself. Those are two of my favorite things (anything blue and anything in Latin). Consequently I never did manage to complete the first task but I did come up with an explanation for my recent obsession with all things celestial. (I do my best work in distraction).

There is a passage in the New Testament, Luke 21:12-28, in which Jesus talks about all the bad stuff that will go down for his disciples and that when it does, they should look up. Help is on the way. (That's the gist of what is said, but if you question my translation, feel free to look it up in its entirety for yourself here.)

Your redemption draweth nigh

For me, it's just a tad more than coincidental that I walked outside my back door and took this picture just a week before Easter Sunday. I see more than just an incredible juxtaposition of sky, cloud, landscape and sun; I see a powerful metaphor of the redemption of the world by the God who sent his Son to be its Savior.

What do you see?

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