Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Empty Nest Syndrome

I wonder if animals have empty nest syndrome. Mr. and Mrs. Robin have seen their fledglings safely out of the nest and into the big world. Did Mrs. R have a verklempt moment or two when the wee ones took flight?

I never did. Well, ok, I did have a brief teary episode when we left our Principessa at a big college in another state. But she was our little girl. The boys were another thing. Little boys start distancing themselves from Mommy around puberty.

I have chronicled the Robin family from egg to hatch this year. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the fledglings on their first flight. I think I came close. You saw them all stuffed together in the nest.

P1200670 copy

A few days later, as I approached, the babies flew away in a burst of feathers and fluttering. That is, all but one. He looked like he was settled in for a bit. He was enjoying being able to spread out in the nest.


That little robin reminded me of our Son #2, The Baby. He is still living at home, looking for a job. Remember him? The Joker?

That last baby Robin did finally take flight. But it took the scare of my violating his personal space with a camera.


That first flight landed him at the base of the tree that housed his nest. His siblings had gone longer distances.


Do you suppose being awakened by your mother holding a camera in your face would help The Baby make his move?

I'll keep you posted.