Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Games

No, I'm not talking about the summer olympics. I think it's the wrong year for that, anyway. I am referring to that sacred and most venerated of "'seeing the USA in your Chevrolet' with a few of your closest relatives and more luggage than Paris Hilton" travel games, collect the state license plates! (I can tell you're excited already!)

How many state plates can we claim together in the next week? Leave a comment or link to your flickr page or email me. Let's see if we can get them all!

These are the ones I've claimed, and I will admit, I sort of cheated. They were all spotted at this apartment complex in lovely San Antonio.


It doesn't hurt that San Antonio is the home of several military bases. But hey, part of the fun of the game is being in the right seat at the right time. I have taken the liberty of blanking out numbers to preserve the privacy of the plates' owners.

Here goes, in no particular order--



Pennsylvania (they're not speeding, they're qualifying!)


Maryland (traffic must be rough in Maryland!)


New York (The Empire State)


Florida, the state that arguably has just as much sunshine as Texas,


North South Carolina (The Sprittles in the North make me forget there's a South)


and Maine.


That gives me 7 so far. And I didn't even include Texas, because those plates are everywhere!

Your turn.

PS Foreign plates are included, too.


Jessica said...

Ok so we have: Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina, New Jersey, DC, Delaware, Iowa, California, West Virginia, Indiana, Ohio and Virginia.
Matt found these at work or on I95 on his way to/from work!! We'll keep looking.
Super fun. Hope you are enjoying Texas.

JAS-- said...

You win, so far...muwhahaha!!!