Friday, July 24, 2009

Truckin' Texas Style

Texans do love their trucks. And they like them big. Do you have any idea what it is like to try to park between two Texas trucks? I'll tell you. It ain't easy (or for the faint of heart or depth perception challenged either!).

Here's an illustration using twin Toyota Tundras parked outside the local Blockbuster.

monsters pking

And this is what a normal car looks like parked on the other side of one of the Tundras.

monsters pking 2

See what I mean? You almost feel like a participant in a monster truck rally pulling up alongside one of these babies. Here's a curbside view of the suspension on an F250 looking up from Principessa's "humble" Toyota Camry. And this isn't even the biggest model Ford makes.

monsters pking3

Texans take their trucks SO seriously that car manufacturers make special editions for the Texas market.

There's the King Ranch edition with the King Ranch brand logo (based on the desire for every Texan to own a piece of the largest ranch in Texas, even if its just a copy of the brand on the side of your pickup),


the generic Texas edition Ford,


and the Texrolet, sporting the Texas flag in the Chevy logo.


Now I ask you, do any other states enjoy the same sort of brand homage? Rhode Island? Iowa? Alaska? California? I think not.

Texas is just a whole 'nother country.

My guess is, if the government gets really serious about reducing carbon footprints and fossil fuel use, Texas will secede from the Union. Who's gonna argue with all those big trucks?

Did I mention they all come equipped with gun racks as standard equipment?

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