Monday, January 11, 2010

Gratitude Journal: #41-53


I try to journal regularly, emphasis on the word try.  I am not always successful.  There are large gaps in time.  But the words that do make it to paper are treasured.  Snapshots of who I was, who I am becoming.

Reminders of God's grace.


Notes from books I've read.  Words that transform my thinking and my heart...


and bridge the gaps to where I am now.  Encouragers.  I am grateful for

time spent journaling,

thoughts of God and God life,


still being able to read my writing, most of the time!

the sustenance of life giving words from wise men and women in books,

"to grow in grace means to utilize more and more grace to live by until everything we do is assisted by grace." Dallas Willard

and in blogs: Jezamama, Ann

a beautiful sampler stitched by the prayerful and loving hands of a friend,

searching for truth with my Dear Professor in late night conversations,

a Father God who actively seeks my heart, even when I hide in distraction,

the camera lens that urges me to see God's beauty in hidden places,


a shoveled sidewalk,

a cold morning with an ice free windshield,

snow that blankets the bare ground with white brilliance,


the promise of life in the silence of winter.

I look forward to chronicling God's one thousand gifts (and more!) in this new year.  Number them with me and others here.


Melissa said...

Beutiful...Reading old journals is one of my favorite pastimes!
Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

Beautiful pictures. I join you in appreciating the ability of the camera to bring His splendor into focus.

JAS-- said...

Melissa, thanks. I "lifted" a few quotes from your website. Hope you don't mind. And can you direct me to the name of the font you used on your "Blogs I Stalk" list? Nice!

Jenny, I visited you at "Just a Minute". Love the sun behind the barn and the morning fog enveloping the cows. Morning fog tends to do that to me as well.