Monday, September 12, 2011

In the clouds

My head was in the clouds--both figuratively and literally...



Actually, all of me was (along with all of Principessa and my Dear Professor).  After the packing and the unpacking, the driving cross country, and the settling in, we were bound for Sprittles territory!


And so my head was in the clouds.

The Preacher (our eldest son and Daddy to the Sprittles), accompanied by Matt Matt (who has grown too big too fast), picked us up at the airport for the hour something drive to the Sprittle house.  Miz Feebs called at least 3 times for an update on our progress.  The last time, Daddy said she was standing in the front window anxiously awaiting our arrival with big brother and Beautiful Mommy.

When we finally walked into the house, Miz Feebs and her big brother Drew jumped out of hiding in the living room to surprise us.  Their youngest sibling, 3 month old Anna, had greeted us at the door.  She's our new Sprittle on the block.


Isn't she sweet?

There was a a lot to do during those precious days--early evening walks in the rain,


a tour of the secret neighborhood paths (there be barking dogs there!),


tea parties with iced tea and powdered donuts,


and glorious clouds above us.



We collected leaves. . .and memories.

How precious are grandchildren!  What a blessing and privilege to be given the responsibility of loving them.  What a thrill to have their arms encircle your neck with their love.


And what a sorrow at parting.

The time went by so fast.  We had just turned around and were boarding a plane again for home.

If home is truly where the heart is, mine is somewhere in North Carolina, enjoying a walk in the heat of a summer evening with 4 precious babies who will be grown too soon.


A prayer for our grandchildren,  from Bob Hostetler:

"Grant to my grandchildren your grace, most merciful Jesus, that it may be with them and in them now and to the end of their lives. Grant that they may always desire and will those things that are most acceptable and most dear to you. Let your will be theirs, and let their will ever follow yours and agree perfectly with it. Let their willing and not-willing be in complete unison with your will, and let them not be able to will anything but what you will, nor will not what you will not, in Jesus’ name, amen. (Based on a prayer by Thomas Aquinas)"

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Wife, Mother, Gardener said...

Just wonderful, Judy :) So glad that you had that time to spend with them. It is precious.

My own little ones would love to throw their arms around your neck too! just in case you are ever near these green hills again ;)

Love you,