Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Morning Confession...

I LOVE the internet and chasing information rabbit trails. I can waste TOO much time sitting in front of my computer clicking away. Can you relate?

I submit for your review(name that tv show) Flickr, a free(limited) or paid site to post your videos and photographs. Your own parking garage for all the images you want to share with family, or you can join interest specific groups and invite others to comment on your artistic endeavors. Flickr has a group for everything, literally: empty chairs, vanishing points, toilets-over 1400 groups, fingers-1800+(one has to wonder why "things getting the finger" merits a group of its own!), teeth-almost 1800, water-61K(that's THOUSANDS). You get the, ahem, picture. (I'd better stop here or I'll spend the next two hours trying to find something for which Flickr DOESN'T have a group! See how easily I get distracted?)

ground clouds

So... I recently found this group, Project 365. A picture a day for a year. Today we are experiencing what yankees* call the February thaw, that delightful couple of days break in the ice and snow for warmer temps, fog and mud immediately followed by ice and more snow for a few more months. Ahhhhh, the joys of living in a climate with four seasons as opposed to my native country of Texas, where there are only two: hot and hotter.

*(I apologize if anyone was offended, but I was raised in a household where Gone With the Wind was displayed proudly on the coffee table along with the Bible, a Yankee is the proper name for anyone born north of the Mason Dixon line, and y'all is the proper second person plural.)

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