Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gardening by the Square

I need to mow the lawn again. Bad.

But there is an alternative. I'm dreaming of a lawn turned into a beautiful, geometrical, Martha Stewartish, orderly garden. I'm great at making plans, but the follow through is the tough part.

Fortunately I have a young energetic partner in crime--Rachael.


That's Rachael, saying the word "poo" and holding a big, dark, clump of aged straw and manure. I have piles of the stuff from 18 years of cleaning out the horse stall, goat barn, chicken house, and rabbitry. All but one funny bunny are gone now, but a little of them all remains in the dark, rich, composted pile of garden gold.

I like the idea of square foot gardening, growing plants in a minimum space for optimal yield. I tried it once, many moons ago in Texas with a 4 by 6 foot garden bordered with concrete blocks. I raised broccoli, sweet peas, tomatoes, parsley, celery and who knows what else.

My favorite informational website is journey to forever. Plan on spending awhile there. They have educational stuff for kids, alternative technologies for developing nations, online publications, you name it, they've got it.

If that journey is too overwhelming, then run, do not walk, immediately to this website and download the sf step by step guide. It should answer most of your questions and is very simple to follow and includes a planting guide as well. All you need to do is convert the metrics to inches.

And this is how the final product might look. (I used the dimensions 12 feet by 4 feet.)

P1230787 copy

I wonder what Rach planted in this corner?

P1230790 copy

Have fun!

What are you planting?

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