Tuesday, August 25, 2009

McConnell's Mill

I love water,


I love sky,


and I love bright colors.

It's such a treat to find them all together (and an old mill, and a covered bridge, oh my!). My OR(off roading) BFF, her dog Kolby and I went on a little explore in the woods at McConnell's Mill yesterday. It was my first visit there, and it was awesome! Why I hadn't made it there sooner, I'll never know.

The water was still, the sky was blue, and we happened upon some kayakers.


They certainly make it look easy, and a lot of fun. But I was assured this is no course for beginners. Those still waters go over a dam and then grow very agitated.

And there are rocks. Lots of rocks. Mossy covered rocks, slippery stepping stones, huge boulders, rock caves. We marveled at the abundance of huge trees that had found a way to root themselves in and among those rocks.


P1430754 copy

It's a geological wonderland.

More glimpses to come.

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Jessica said...

I love McConnell's Mill...oh that brings back great memories. I think there's a place called Devil's Knob or something like that...you should check it out (it's just down the road a bit from the mill). Beautiful water fall.