Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Most Beautiful Beagle in the World

Say hello to the most beautiful Beagle in the world.


At least that's what his BFF, a tall, dark, and handsome grad student thinks about Jack. I met Jack and his BFF, John, on their way from Louisiana to Long Island.

Jack was all "I've got some important sniffing business to do" when we first met, but he settled down for a brief interview.

P1430377 copy

Me. So, Jack, what's it like bearing the burden of that title, "The Most Beautiful Beagle in the World"?
Jack. It's tough, but I suppose someone has to do it. Did you get my profile?

P1430363 copy

Me. Is it true that all your personal belongings bear the inscription, "Please return to Jack"?
Jack. Yes, and so does my BFF.

Me. Inquiring minds want to know. Do you have a steady girlfriend?
Jack. I prefer to keep my personal life private.

P1430392 copy

Me. I was just asking because my BFF is Misty the Freecycle Wonder Dog, and I thought you two might hit it off.
Jack. Leave me her number and I might call.

P1430396 copy

I then swapped my interviewer hat for my photographer hat and snapped a few. Jack was rather anxious to get back to some serious sniffing.

Of course, this interview did not come cheaply. Celebrity interviews of this caliber are rather expensive.

smiley face

Jack agreed to be paid in tummy rubs.


Jack really enjoys his tummy rubs.


I bet all the Beaglettes on Long Island are sighing right now.

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