Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ugly As Homemade Sin

Today I feel the need to clarify my statement yesterday about there being nothing cuter than baby birds. I had geese, chickens, and ducks in mind. Yellow fluffiness.

The official goose family portrait is a prime example. Note the patient Momma, the protective Dad, and the cuddly baby.

P1160502 copy

This morning I checked on Mama Robin again and noticed something different. She was sitting a little higher in the nest than before. See how much fluffier her feathers are?


She flew off the nest when I unwittingly violated her personal birdy space, and revealed this:


It looked like a flamingo had, ahem, "hurled" in her nest. If ever there was a candidate for the "ugly as homemade sin" category, this surely must be it.

Bless its naked little fuzzy heart. I never, in all my born days(southern expression for a long period of time) would have expected that beautiful blue egg to produce something like this. Maybe the patience of a mother's love, lots of nutritious bugs, and a thigh master will turn her into Suzanne Somers.

csajmommo Or not.

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